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Mobile, Employee sign in/sign out

You can enable your employees to sign in and sign out via the mobile application. You can create a secure entry and exit process with QR codes created with location verification.

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A brand new visitor management system

You can invite your visitors online and provide information such as OHS. You can receive self-service visitor registrations via QR code or tablet application. More Information
Yasal Belge

A useful survey management system

You can create as many questions as you want and turn these questions into surveys. With QR code support, you can easily collect feedback on your surveys. More Information

A simple cargo management system

You can easily track your incoming and outgoing cargo through a single module. You can manage the processes from the delivery of the cargo to the owner. More Information
Yasal Belge

An advanced task management system

You can create the areas and tasks you want to track and assign tasks to the relevant people. These tasks can be periodic tasks such as daily, weekly, monthly or instant tasks. Monitor the entire field through the cloud. And without the need for any hardware. More Information

A flexible event management system

Create your events and easily send invitations to your participants. Attendees can log in to the event with their QR codes. Track your events online. More Information
Yasal Belge

Document management system with QR code

You can provide an easy way to access the files (videos, documents, etc.) that you want to access within the facility. Now your documents and content are as close as scanning a QR code.

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