What is an Event Management System?

Event Management System

The event management system is a system that manages all the processes required from the planning of an event to its completion.

In order to manage processes effectively, the event management system offers features such as the following.

  • Participant registration process management
  • Participant invitation process management
  • Generating and sending participant QR codes
  • Event attendance management
  • Efficacy evaluation reports

Cloud Based Event Management System

You can manage all processes digitally with the event management system. Our enter-in application offers a cloud-based event management system module. You can easily perform the following operations through this module.

  • You can define your events and determine the location of the event.
  • You can import the participants individually or in excel format.
  • You can send a QR code to all participants that they can use in those events.
  • Participants can enter the event with QR codes or Gir-in mobile application.
  • You can watch all the participants online.

All these services are included in your monthly package. You can easily manage your activities in your workspace without having to spend any additional money.

You can become a member of Gir-in.com now and try the application free of charge for 14 days.