What is QR Code Pass System?

Access control systems are a general name given to technologies that enable entry/exit to an environment. It is possible to enter/exit institutions or living spaces in many ways. For example, using magnetic cards or scanning fingerprints.

What is QR Code Pass System?

Kare Kodlu Geçiş Sistemi

QR Code Supported Access System is a technology that allows entering/exiting environments by using the QR code created on the mobile phone. QR codes are created online and provide a secure pass for one-time use.

There are QR code readers that can be integrated into turnstiles or similar equipment in order to provide QR code passage. These QR code readers provide the necessary access authorization by decoding the QR codes they read.

The QR code access system can be used in the entry/exit processes of the workplaces, as well as to ensure that visitors who are invited to an environment can easily enter/exit. This provides an operational convenience by eliminating agricultural cards.

Is QR Code Entry System Safe?

Yup. The generated QR codes are generated in an encrypted manner. QR code pass system allows entry/exit by verifying the person and environment that created the QR code.

QR Code Access System is more secure than other systems. Magnetic cards can break and can be used by someone else comfortably. However, you can pass through a mobile application even if QR codes created with location verification are sent to someone else.

What are the Benefits of the QR Code Entry System?

QR Code Pass System provides many benefits. Some of them are as follows.

  • It reduces dependency on hardware and reduces cost.
  • Simplifies integration with modern systems.
  • Provides greater management control over transition systems.
  • It provides a more flexible physical compatibility.
  • It facilitates visitor and employee entry/exit processes.
  • Using it through a mobile-based application provides the opportunity to offer the benefits of mobile technologies.

Final Thoughts

Our enter-in application supports QR code pass system. Through our mobile application, you can safely enter and exit your living spaces with the QR codes you will create with location verification.